One Wisconsin Now Press Release

December 6, 2013
Contact: Mike Browne
Phone: (608) 444-3483

One Wisconsin Now Calls on State Politicians to Honor Memory of Nelson Mandela With Actions, Not Just Words

End Attacks on Right to Vote to Truly Honor Memory of Mandela

MADISON, WI -- One Wisconsin Now released the following statements in commemoration and honor of the passing of Nelson Mandela:

"Above all else, Nelson Mandela sacrificed and persevered to achieve peace and equality for the people of his nation.

"As we remember and celebrate his unparalleled victories for the human race, it is only appropriate we in Wisconsin honor his life by securing what he held sacred: the simple democratic idea of one person, one vote.

"Twenty years after Nelson Mandela was finally able to cast his vote in a country that had imprisoned him for a generation, we see here in Wisconsin that right to vote compromised as never before for the sake of partisan, political agendas.

"We respectfully ask Gov. Scott Walker and his Republican colleagues elected as the leaders of our state legislature to end their collective attacks on the right to vote for legal voters in the state of Wisconsin -- and truly honor a man who brought so much to so many."


One Wisconsin Now issued a comprehensive report on the assault on voting rights in Wisconsin, available here:

In addition, One Wisconsin Institute has submitted, and had accepted by the State Supreme Court, an amicus brief as part of state court action challenging implementation of a voter ID requirement that could disenfranchise an estimated 300,000 legal Wisconsin voters, disproportionately elderly and minority citizens, available here:

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