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Will WI's GOP congressional delegation support creation of Jobs in WI?

Under President Obama's Jobs Act, Wisconsin stands to receive up to $369 million in funding for public schools and tech colleges, if passed by Congress. That means potentially 4,800 jobs for Wisconsin workers to update school buildings.

Additionally, Obama's plan includes tax cuts for businesses who hire workers, cuts in payroll taxes for the average worker (unlike Governor Walker who only cut taxes for corporations and actually raised taxes on lower-income workers, breaking a campaign promise), and funds to help rebuild Wisconsin roads and bridges.

Republican Majority Leader Eric Cantor has said he's going to kill half of the Jobs Act, opposing a tax increase on the richest and federal spending on road and school infrastructure projects (which creates jobs), and even telling reporters that Obama's request to pass the bill in it's entirety is "certainly not the way Washington works."  

Yeah. Because Washington works so well.  

According to this Washington Monthly reporter: "Instead, what Cantor disapproves of are the parts of the proposal most likely to create jobs -- infrastructure investments, job training, unemployment aid, and assistance to states to prevent public-sector layoffs. It's as if the oft-confused Majority Leader looked at the plan, found the measures that would have the great impact to improve the economy, and immediately rejected them." 

My question is, will Wisconsin's GOP delegation join him and the Michelle Bachmann's of the world in killing the bill and it's potential to put Wisconsinites back to work? 

Let's not forget that, Republican rhetoric aside, the Recovery Act actually worked - spending to put people back to work did what it was intended to and gave the economy a needed boost.

This chart is telling:

So, for jobs or against jobs? At least they have jobs, even if they struggle to get by on the $174,000 salary.