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Sign the Petition Against Walker's Government Take-Away of Our Rights

Scott Walker has done the unthinkable.

Friday, Gov. Walker made the shocking announcement that he plans to use the government to strip away the rights workers in Wisconsin. And he's willing to call out the National Guard to enforce his unprecedented power grab.

Stand with workers, right now, and sign our petition demanding your legislator vote against Gov. Walker's proposal to take away rights from working Wisconsinites.

We need to send a message to our representatives at the Capitol that Wisconsin is united against Gov. Walker's assault on workers in our state. Gov. Walker refused to even meet with public employees, something which Republican and Democratic governors have done in good faith for the past half century. Public employees offered $100 million in concessions and Walker responded by refusing to even meet with them.

Gov. Walker has shoved these abhorrent proposals - such as ending collective bargaining, raiding health programs, and selling state assets to benefit business - in a so-called budget repair bill, but make no mistake: this plan does not create jobs and it will increase our long-term debt.

Why, when unemployment in Wisconsin is so high, would Gov. Walker propose a plan that would use government to take away the rights of people that still are working? Why, after he increased the deficit with a $140 million special interest giveaway, would Gov. Walker propose a budget repair bill that does nothing to repair the budget?

Tell your legislator you oppose this government scheme to take away rights in Wisconsin.

With this bill, Gov. Walker puts himself in charge of independent agencies, he strips away collective bargaining rights so he can personally dictate winners and losers and give himself the power to unilaterally cut people from BadgerCare and SeniorCare without a vote of the full legislature.

It's unthinkable. But he's trying to do it. And we have to stop him.

Demand your legislator vote against the appalling budget repair bill Gov. Walker has proposed, and get your friends and family to do the same. Don't wait. Wisconsin's workers need you to take action right now.

Thank you for all you do,


PS: A massive mobilization is being planned at the State Capitol this Tuesday and Wednesday. If you are able, please come and show your support for the rights of working Wisconsinites. The events begin at 11a.m. both days. Together, we must stop Gov. Walker's plan dead in its tracks.

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THE MIND IS A VERY POWERFUL FORCE THAT AFFECTS MATTER; MANY MINDS tuned into the same wavelength WILL PREVAIL, if your intentions resonate with the WILL of

Justice, Harmony and Peace.

Here's a proscribed time -

6 AM


Sit quietly with minimal outside stimulus and take a few relaxed breaths.

Concentrate and focus on Scott Walker, and ease into BEING his MIND and BODY. Do this with certainty that YOU ARE THERE, and keep the clarity and focus. When

you're certain you're tuned in, deliver what objective you feel comfortable with.

End the session with good confidence that this WILL be carried out, if it is in line with Justice, Harmony and Peace.

It's your choice on what the objective is. However, the SHEER IMPACT of an amassed psychic wave WILL work, just like a strong wind.

As you have all gathered at the State Capitol in great numbers and felt the sheer POWER of the gathering of like-minds, you will, AS WELL, generate change

through concerted mental effort.

Please, don't underestimate the intensity of many lightbulbs SHINING TOGETHER; WE ARE ALL ON THE SAME CIRCUIT, and do coexist in ways a small step removed

from the physical dimension.


6 AM

A refractory period of 6 hours is ample time for the powers that be to coordinate and assemble the necessary conditions, again, if this is in line with

Justice, Harmony and Peace.

TOGETHER, we will be able to TRANSFORM the situation, so don't despair.

ONE LOVE. We'll see you there.