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Ron Johnson: Protecting pedophile priests, now with video!

Here's a choice video released this week in which we find Mr. Ron Johnson, family-values and law-and-order party candidate for US Senate testifying against the Wisconsin Child Victims Act, which would have eliminated the statute of limitation on lawsuits brought by victims of abuse by priests against the Catholic Church.

When it comes to big-money interests, whether they be corporate or the Catholic Church, there's no better advocate than Ron Johnson! But if you're a working person, or a victim of abuse as a child at the hands of some creep priest, watch out.

Déjà vu or Something New?

President Barrack Obama's visit to Madison on Tuesday was reminiscent of the excitement generated during the presidential elections of 2008. Throngs of supporters gathered hours before Obama was to speak, tightly packed and anxiously waiting. From an outside perspective, the crowd 26,000 strong would appear to demonstrate the same fervor that saw 15 million new voters in 2008. Bands played and politicians spoke while occasional chants of "Obama, Obama, Obama" murmured throughout the crowd. The frenzy that was Obama's walk to the podium could have been registered on the Richter Scale. For a moment it seemed like Déjà vu all over again. Yet this is not the presidential election of 2008 and the midterm elections don't garner nearly as much attention or excitement. Outside of Obama's rally, where is all of the excitement? Where are the supporters going door to door? Why does this election not matter?

The voter turnout in 2008, among those of age, was 56.8% ; the highest since 1968. According to Gallup, the predicted turnout for the midterm elections is well under 40%. Apparently, out of the three arms of government, one appears to matter more than the other. Do people not understand the importance of Congress? Their personal representatives in the Capital? Obama said on Tuesday that, "The biggest mistake we could make right now is to let disappointment or frustration lead to apathy and indifference." Regardless of party affiliation, the fact that less than half of our nation votes during midterm elections is a travesty. The opportunity to free and fair elections is a right experienced by only a few of the world's countries and most of us react to it with apathy. The attitude that one vote cannot make a difference has been documented numerous times as false. Even big elections can come down to multiple recounts decided only by a handful of those who took the time to express their opinions at the polls. In the 2008 Minnesota Senate race, Al Franken secured his seat only after a recount confirmed he had won by 312 votes out of 2.9 million.

As is usual in non-presidential years, it appears young voters may never make it to the polls. Compared to the gigantic numbers of young voters in 2008, this drop would be a major setback. Despite real progress, we still face great obstacles on both local and national levels. Young people can become the change they voted for in 2008 by keeping the momentum rolling through 2010. Voting is crucial and defines who we are as a society. This has been seen time and again, but only by those active enough to care. Get out to vote in 2010 and make a difference both in your community and nationally. Let's not see something new this election, let's experience some Déjà vu and break voter records!

Peeved Paul Ryan Cryin' about GOP Hypocrisy

The Daily Beast reported Monday that 'Young Gun' Paul Ryan thinks GOP House leadership has misfired by not embracing his plan to cut taxes for the rich at the expensive of the middle class, instead embracing its own plan to cut taxes for the rich at the expense of the middle class.

Ryan, 40, is supposed to be the bullet-proof numbers guy, ranking on the House Budget Committee, who is eager to take the chairmanship in the new Congress following the promised wave election; he is supposed to be the gifted ingénue who spent these last years in the minority bent over his spread sheets while he tweaked his grindingly wonkish genius of 2008, "A Roadmap for America's Future."

Instead, the Paul Ryan talked about these days on the Hill is withdrawn, conflicted, chagrined, and unavailable. And most importantly, he was missing in action last week at the ballyhooed Republican roll-out of "The Pledge to America" in a Virginia hardware store.

Well, not completely unavailable and not completely withdrawn it seems. According to audio obtained by One Wisconsin Now, Ryan has taken his pout fest on the Wisconsin campaign trail.

Ryan, appearing at a fundraiser Monday morning in Monroe for Republican Dan Henke, who is trying to succeed Kleefisch Kasualty, Brett Davis, in the state Assembly had this to say about "Republicans":

So, the mistake we made -- the Republicans -- was we committed the greatest sin in politics: the sin of hypocrisy. When you run as fiscal conservatives, when you run on the principles of economic liberty and you don't govern that way, that's hypocrisy. That's what happened to the republicans. Republicans, a lot of us, fought the earmark culture and all those other things, but we lost. Because, the more senior, you know, uh, power guys, they kind of had this belief: we can take this Democratic machine and make it a Republican machine. And what happened was our principles atrophied. We've got to get that back.
Pretty damning stuff. To hear it for yourself, listen here: Paul Ryan.mp3

He's right, though. The hypocrisy of Republicans is particularly galling this year.

Actually, it raises the question: What is hypocrisy about hypocrisy called?

After all, the presently-parsimonious Paul Ryan spent the lights out for eight years while Tom DeLay and Company ruled the House of Representatives.

Consider, the spending packed into the Young Gun's holster:

  • Ryan voted for eight straight GOP budgets which hiked spending by $1 trillion - all told, Ryan voted for $20 trillion in budget spending alone.
  • Ryan helped finance two wars of the budget books
  • Ryan voted for the Medicare Part D plan, which former GAO head David Walker called an $8 trillion unfunded mandate.

Indeed, Paul, hypocrisy is an unseemly trait.

Scott Walker spent nearly a year trying to win the Republican gubernatorial primary by traveling around the state calling for time limits for BadgerCare so he could help finance his $3 billion in tax cuts, loopholes and shifts that benefit the rich and corporations.

According to the Department of Health Services, this would have cut 350,000 children and working families from the the low-income health care plan.

Now that Walker's won the Republican primary, he's got a new story. Here's what Walker's campaign put out yesterday:

"FACT: Scott does not want to eliminate 350,000 people from BadgerCare."

It's true, actually. Walker doesn't want to eliminate 350,000 people from BadgerCare.

He actually wants to cut 400,000 from BadgerCare. Here's the 9/22/10 story from WISC-TV:

Walker told WISC-TV in an interview last October that BadgerCare has turned into an "entitlement program" and time limits are needed to save money. He said he won't cut people off immediately but would phase them out as they got jobs.

However, last month Walker reversed his positions and said he misspoke and doesn't want time limits. Walker said now he'd like to "reform" BadgerCare, returning it to the "original intent to serve the truly needy" and perhaps change income requirements.

What does that mean for those in BadgerCare? It's hard to say. Walker won't commit to specific details.

About half of the more than 770,000 have been in the program longer than two years, which was a mentioned time limit, and the bulk of them are children. About 400,000 people on the program are either employed or are the spouse or child of someone who is employed.

Sounds like Walker should have gone with his first story. The 50,000 more children and working families he's targeted for removal from BadgerCare probably do, too.

But then again, someone's gotta pay for Walker's $3 billion in tax cuts, loopholes and shift for the rich and big business.
On the heels of the story we exposed on Monday - the Tea Party being in bed with the Republican Party of Wisconsin in an alleged voter suppression plot - an American conservative magazine, American Conservative, is pondering just how exactly Reince Preibus, chair of the Republican Party of Wisconsin, was able to handle the Tea Party:

And as party leaders gather to communicate and talk shop, they will certainly pick the brain of Wisconsin State GOP Chairman Reince Priebus to find out how he handled the Tea Parties successfully in his state: 1. Get the most listened to talk-show hosts in your state's biggest city on your side; 2. Find well-known candidates from the biggest bloc of voters in the most populous region of your state; 3. Make sure they're well-funded and then present a fait accompli to Tea Partiers and tell them to start picking votes if they want any place at the table at all. Wisconsin has its own ways of politics unique to itself but don't be surprised to see such strategies tried elsewhere. Many Tea Party leaders have the hubris to believe that they themselves are going to be running state and local parties after the success of Tea Party-backed candidates in primaries this year. They should be well aware of what they're going to up against. How many times have we heard it said over the past 40 years that "Conservatives have got to retake the Republican Party"?
Tea Party irrelevant? Don't tell the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel which ran a front page fluff story with no new substantive news about the groups.

Meanwhile, One Wisconsin Now obtained a recording of a secret Tea Party meeting where the group's lead organizer Tim Dake says it will be the "boots on the ground" for the voter suppression effort.

Learn more at

When One Wisconsin Now blew the lid off of the Tea Party/WISGOP/Americans for Prosperity alleged voter caging plan to disenfranchise tens or hundreds of thousands of Wisconsin voters this November, I suppose we expected some spin from those involved. But even we were surprised when everyone started flat-out lying.

First, Mark Block, the leader of Americans for Prosperity of Wisconsin, said AFP-WI was "absolutely, unequivocally not involved in any way" in the planning and execution of the caging plan. When confronted with the inconsistencies between his and Tea Party leader Tim Dake's story, Block backtracked and said he had indeed had contacts with Dake and others about the caging and that AFP paid for the voter names and the mailing.

Tim Dake's Grandsons of Liberty responded to our allegations by issuing a 'revised' version of the documents we acquired that laid out the caging plan. WiGOL's new memo crossed out the line that said AFP would provide billboards highlighting the penalties for fraudulent voting.

So of course, we went out and took pictures of these beauts on the interstate between Madison and Milwaukee.

Click on each picture to enlarge.

You'll notice on the second picture the billboards were "paid for by a private family foundation." Just a coincidence that Americans for Prosperity was founded by the Koch Family Foundation, right? RIGHT?

There are reports of similar billboards throughout Milwaukee County.

Don't be fooled. This caging operation is moving forward full steam ahead. And we're not quitting until we get to the bottom of it.

Will the real Sarah Palin please stand up?


Coordination on Voter Caging, Targeting Minorities, College Students Outlined in Documents, Tea Party Meeting Recording

A coordinated plot by the Republican Party of Wisconsin, Americans for Prosperity-Wisconsin and organizations in the so-called Tea Party movement targeting minority voters and college students in a possibly illegal "voter caging" effort for voter suppression has been uncovered in evidence we have obtained.

Based on what we have heard, the Republican Party of Wisconsin, the Americans for Prosperity-Wisconsin and leading Tea Party organizations are in collusion in an effort to suppress the ability of minorities and university students in Wisconsin to exercise their right to vote this November. We will be providing all of the evidence we have received on this wrongdoing to federal and state authorities so that they can investigate to ensure justice and democracy prevail."

One Wisconsin Now has filed formal requests for investigation with the U.S. Attorney's Office, as well as the Wisconsin Attorney General's Election Integrity Task Force and the Government Accountability Board demanding a full investigation to ensure the right to vote is not stolen by these plans.

The non-partisan Brennan Center for Justice outlines the process of voter caging:

Voter caging is the practice of sending mail to addresses on the voter rolls, compiling a list of the mail that is returned undelivered, and using that list to purge or challenge voters registrations on the grounds that the voters on the list do not legally reside at their registered addresses. Supporters of voter caging defend the practice as a means of preventing votes cast by ineligible voters. Voter caging, however, is notoriously unreliable. If it is treated (unjustifiably) as the sole basis for determining that a voter is ineligible or does not live at the address at which he or she registered, it can lead to the unwarranted purge or challenge of eligible voters. ...Moreover, the practice has often been targeted at minority voters, making the effects even more pernicious. [Brennan Center, "A Guide to Voter Caging," 6/29/07]

One Wisconsin Now obtained an audio recording it has verified as authentic from a June 12, 2010 meeting between the leaders of the state's Tea Party movement, led by Tim Dake, head of the GrandSons of Liberty. Dake serves as a regular spokesperson for Wisconsin's Tea Party organizations and is widely viewed as the movement's Wisconsin leader. The full audio, available at One Wisconsin Now's voter protection website,, details the plans for a coordinated voter suppression efforts, which is anchored in challenging voter eligibility on Election Day this November 2.

According to the statements made on the recordings, Dake lays out the plans, detailing contact between himself and Reince Preibus, the Republican Party of Wisconsin Chair and Mark Block, state director of Americans for Prosperity-Wisconsin:

• The Republican Party of Wisconsin will use its "Voter Vault" state-wide voter file to compile a list of minority and student voters in targeted Wisconsin communities.

• Americans for Prosperity will use this list to send mail to these voters indicating the voter must call and confirm their registration information, and telling them if they do not call the number provided they could be removed from the voter lists.

• The Tea Party organizations will recruit and place individuals as official poll workers in selected municipalities in order to be able to make the challenges as official poll workers.

• On Election Day, these organizations will then "make use" of any postcards that are returned as undeliverable to challenge voters at the polls, utilizing law enforcement, as well as attorneys trained and provided by the RPW, to support their challenges.

According to the recordings, Dake told the assembled Tea Party members he leads:

So, what we're hoping is that the various groups in the coalition plus Americans for Prosperity and Mark Block, who has been in on this, and the Republican Party, and this is coming all the way from the top: Reince Priebus has said, "We're in." And there's a reason why these guys are volunteering to work with us. They have access to what they call Voter Vault, you know the records of voting. They can go in there and look for lapsed voters. They can go in and compare lists of voters and say, "Oh look at this. This person is registered in this county, this county, this county, and this county." And do something about this. So we're talking about a broad based support behind this idea. What they're offering is training.

Dake continues in the recording to outline the plan:

[RPW is] offering to do the training; it's not going to cost anything, but what we're looking at is statewide getting our groups involved, getting people, like my group has a 2,700 person email list. We want to hit that and see how many of these people we can get involved in this one project. The idea being at some point to go in on September 14 and November 2 and have these people involved and doing poll watching and checking. There are some consultants that have offered to step up, "We're Watching" is stepping up; attorneys from the Republican Party.

Later in his presentation, Dake adds:

Okay, poll watchers what you can do is you can call in a lawyer. The Republican Party, this is one of the things they're offering, they're saying they'll have their lawyers standing by so that if you call, let's say you're poll watching in say Hales Corners and you see something really fraudulent, they will send a lawyer out right away and be able to say, "Here's the deal, here's the law, this is what we expect." Bring the police in and make your complaint that sort of thing. So, we've got that. You can challenge voters through the precinct captains. This is one of the things they will teach you how to do and anybody can challenge a voter. And since the voter law did not get passed this year that could hit you with $100,000 and three years for unsuccessfully challenging a voter, we can still do this.

Dake is interrupted at this point by an unidentified coalition member who shouts, "Hallelujah." Dake adds, "Yes, everybody gets to take credit for that." He goes on to outline Americans for Prosperity-Wisconsin's role and how to target law enforcement:

So we're talking about AFP is willing to fund doing a mass mailing to registered voters on this, about getting them involved with this, making sure that their information is current, because people periodically need to go back and check. I found, before we bought the house we lived in. Four years ago I lived in a brand new condo, the first people to live in it. I went to vote and found twelve people registered at my address. My wife and I are the only people to have lived there. Yet, there were twelve people registered to vote. I couldn't believe it. They said, "Wow, you must have a big family." And I'm looking at names and going, "No, there's nobody named 'Nguyen' and 'Din' and that sort of thing in my family." So that's the kind of thing we need to clean up and people need to be aware of. Go in and check who else is registered at your place and ask to have them tossed off. Work with the media on this and district attorneys. Try to get them involved early and fired up about this and say look, "We know you're shorthanded, we're hands, we're boots on the ground. We will help you, just bring the weight of the law behind us." One of the things we're going to do is take these addresses that people give and we want to send out a postcard that says, "You need to call and confirm this. And if you haven't called, well then it could get tossed out." We're also looking for when you send these cards out is they'll come back if it is an undeliverable address.

THE QUOTES: Among some of the discussion also captured on the audio:

"[Y]ou run into the racial thing. You have people screaming, 'Oh, you're denying the minorities the right to vote.' No., we're denying their right to vote multiple times." [Tim Dake, GrandSons of Liberty]
"Work with the media on this and the district attorneys. Try to get them involved early and fired up about this and say look, 'We know you're shorthanded, we're hands, we're boots on the ground. We will help you, just bring the weight of the law behind us." [Tim Dake, GrandSons of Liberty]
"I was a poll watcher from 2000 to 2006 and if you've got a university in your county, or your city, students will come down in droves and then they will all vouch for each other. I had this one kid come in five times with five separate groups of people and this person brings in students, they're usually from Minnesota or wherever up by Eau Claire, and you go, 'Do you live here?' 'Yes.' 'Well do you have anything that shows your address?' 'No.' Then that one student says, 'I vouch for her, I vouch for him.' And they all vote. [Shane McVey, Eau Claire Tea Party]
"This is apparently a very effective deterrent, just having people standing there. Poll watching tends to discourage people when they know someone is looking." [Tim Dake, GrandSons of Liberty]
"It's just having people who have the courage and conviction because in our society we have been 'wussified'.... [T]hey try to claim intimidation and they'll bring a whole bunch of people. If you do challenge a vote like three people will surround you and they'll all start getting in your face and threatening you with legal action and all that stuff. You just have to be strong willed and be able to take that stuff." [Shane McVey, Eau Claire Tea Party]


The possible illegality of the RPW-AFP-WI-Tea Party plot that One Wisconsin Now lays out in the requests for investigation to law enforcement officials assert:

• Federal law prohibits racially targeted caging operations. Statements made during the June 12 meeting make clear that race is a motivating factor in the planned caging and challenge effort. Any efforts to deter qualified electors from voting based on their race must be immediately investigated and, if substantiated, stopped. [42 U.S.C. §§ 1973(a); 1973gg]

• The organizations' Election Day plans could put the state at possible risk of violating federal law. Federal law makes clear that elector challenges cannot be based solely on returned mail. The organizations' plans to recruit individuals to become poll workers in order to conduct challenges based on the returned mail would result in individuals acting unlawfully under color of state law. [42 U.S.C. § 1973gg; Tiryak v. Jordan, 472 F. Supp. 822, 824 (E.D. PA 1979)]

• Federal law also makes clear that private actors are similarly prohibited from challenging voters based solely on undelivered mail. Even if a challenge comes from a volunteer election observer, the challenge is unlawful if it is based on the voter's failure to respond to the mailing. Any challenge to an elector's eligibility based on such unreliable grounds is an abuse of the right to challenge and violates state and federal law, subjecting the challenger to removal and other sanctions. [42 U.S.C. § 1973gg]

• Disturbingly, the mail program described by the Tea Party members will contain false and misleading information. The Tea Party plans to tell certain voters that their name may be removed if they fail to call the telephone number provided. It would be illegal to remove a voter from the statewide database based on this reason. [42 U.S.C. § 1973gg]

• The deceptive nature of the planned mailing is particularly troubling because the mailing described would almost certainly would appear to be an official governmental mailing. For the same reasons that it is unlawful to use official attire to challenge a voter at the polls on Election Day, it is unlawful to send a mailing that appears to be an official action of the governmental. [18 U.S.C. § 242; 42 U.S.C. § 1973i(b)]

Based on our discussions with legal counsel, we believe certain statements made at this Tea Party meeting clearly outline a plan by these organizations to engage in what may potentially be illegal conduct. The voter caging and challenge plans outlined by the Tea Party could result in an apparently illegal effort to deter qualified citizens from voting. As described, their plan would deter qualified citizens from voting in a manner that is coercive and without sufficient basis. All of these activities raise serious concerns and should be investigated further to determine whether illegal activity has occurred.

The full recordings, as well as a transcript and other information, is available at One Wisconsin Now's voter protection website:

The Latest 'That's Debatable' -- Primary Night Wrap-Up

Brian Fraley of the MacIver Institute and your pal from One Wisconsin Now talk about what all went down during Tuesday's Wisconsin Primary Election.


Happy 63rd B-Day to 'Young Gun' Dan Kapanke

A belated "Happy 63rd Birthday" to State Sen. and Republican 'Young Gun' congressional candidate Dan Kapanke who hit the big 6-3 on August 21.

There is much irony in a man so close to retirement age supporting the Social Security privatization scheme of fellow Young Gunner Paul Ryan.

Hey, maybe Kapanke's got a foundation that'll support him during retirement if Ryan is able to privatize Social Security out of business.

Also, a belated Happy 63rd Birthday to my pops, who also turned that age this year. Your 41-year-old lad hopes you are enjoying retirement, daddio.


Standing up for free speech and LGBT rights

Call it killing two birds with one stone: here's the WisconsinEye panel discussion featuring One Wisconsin Now's fearless leader Scot Ross defending free speech -- in regards our recent lawsuit -- AND taking a shot at Wisconsin Family Action's Julaine Appling and the Republican leadership for breaking their promise that the same-sex marriage ban they fought for had nothing to do with domestic partner benefits.

Your Logic is a Farce? Blame Sunspots!

It appears we can finally close the book on the mystery of why Senate candidate and gaffe-master Ron Johnson never got around to graduating from the Twin Cities' prestigious Edina High School.

No, it wasn't that Johnson had the foresight--after meeting shrink-wrap princess and future wife Jane Curler--to realize he'd be able to leech off the success of his in-laws' meat-wrapping operation.

Some of Johnson's recent comments point to a different reason: he fails to grasp even the most basic concepts of any high school science curriculum. In an interview with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Johnson garnered national attention by claiming climate change could be explained simply by "sunspot activity" during a period he referred to as geological time's "sweet spot."

Never mind that the sun has actually exhibited a cooling trend over the past 35 years, because pseudo-scientist Johnson tends to disregard data with big words like "solar ultraviolet irradiance" and "cosmic ray flux" as meaningless; as just another ploy to waste government money by those slick-talkin' liberal operatives of the vast leftist conspiracy commonly referred to as "academia."

Yet despite this assault on reason and logic--which has even spawned quite the satirical ado on the internets--this blatant disregard for the institutions that fuel the engine of progress is a quality he shares with far too many of the duds being heralded by the teabaggers this election cycle.

And if that wasn't enough, when confronted with the (lack of) evidence for his sun-spotty suppositions, Johnson neither apologized nor recanted, but instead invoked the fallacious argument that Greenland's name was evidence enough that sunspots have created cyclical temperature changes constituting "something just in the geologic eons of time."

Actually, Ron, it turns out that Greenland has never been green, but was named so by Erik the Red to attract settlers. Okay, so maybe it wasn't just his lack of scientific knowledge that kept Johnson from joining in the pomp and circumstance of diploma-gettin', his history grades must've played a role too.

Koch Brothers Fill Up Walker's Campaign Tank

We already know Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker is on the big oil bandwagon.

After all, this is the guy who taken at least $70,000 from oil, gas and pipeline companies, while being a loud voice opposing the Clean Energy Jobs Act and the high speed rail project that would reduce Wisconsin's dependence on oil.

The Clean Energy Jobs Act would have created an additional 15,000 good-paying jobs and the high speed rail project will bring 5,500 construction and engineering jobs in the next couple of year.

And now the payoff: $15,000 to Walker's campaign account from his friends at Koch Industries PAC.

Walker's just-released pre-primary campaign finance report shows a $15,000 gimme from the Koch PAC back on July 9, 2010.

Koch is the nation's second-largest privately held corporation. They have oil interests across the country, including in Wisconsin.

Koch gave the Republican Governor's Association $1 million for smear ads, and they have delivered a series of discredited attacks against Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett.

In addition, they have been the driving financial force behind the teapartiers at Americans for Prosperity.

Details of the wide-reaching tentacles of the right-wing Koch outfit was also featured in a recent New Yorker piece.

Scott Walker: Against job creation through green energy and rail, but for big money from big oil's biggest mouthpiece.

So, when it comes to putting the interests of out-of-state big oil before those of the people of Wisconsin, Scott Walker's message is "fill 'er up."

Someone alert Jim Klauser: Scott Walker is violating Ronald Reagan's so-called 11th Commandment, thou shalt not attack another Republican.

Lead, follow or get out of the way

The private sector continues to add jobs, thanks in large part to President Obama's Recovery Act, this month gaining more than 67,000 jobs. We're still making progress, but we've got a long way to go before we can make up for the 750,000 jobs per month we were hemorrhaging under the Bush Administration.

Here's a handy visual:

And once again, Republicans in Congress are dead set on scoring cheap political points instead of helping out America's small businesses and their employees.

Case and point: the Small Business Jobs Bill would have provided  $12 billion in tax breaks for small businesses and would expand the availability of loans through the Small Business Administration loan program.  What did Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell think of helping our small businesses create jobs? He called it  "a little itty-bitty bill" and every Republican but two in the Senate voted against it. I guess since the bill didn't ship thousands of American jobs overseas or give massive tax breaks to the wealthy, Senate Republicans just couldn't find the temerity to support it.

Then there's John Boehner, who unveiled his jobs and economic "plan" last week in a speech so riddled with falsehoods, revisionist history and failed ideas, it really gives Paul Ryan's Roadmap a contender for Worst Republican Plan Yet. Boehner's plan in a nutshell? Let's go back to the same disastrous policies that led to America losing over 8 million jobs. Pardon me if I'm not excited at that prospect. 

And how would Boehner take us there? Well, of course Boehner wants to keep the gigantic loophole in the current corporate tax system that allows multinational corporations to get tax credits for taxes they don't even pay. Boehner also claimed that allowing the disastrous Bush Tax Cuts, which would give an average tax cut of $100,000 to each household making more than $1 million, is somehow going to prevent job creation, when the CBO has clearly shown that a tax cut for the top two percent is the LEAST effective way to stimulate the economy. Darn facts and their 'liberal bias.'

Then again, we shouldn't be surprised Boehner has such disdain for this administration's efforts to create jobs - he attacked the jobs bill signed by the President last month that saved the jobs of hundreds of thousands of firefighters, police officers and teachers, deriding them as "government jobs" and "special interests."
Finally, in what's becoming the singe largest group amnesia event in recent history, Boehner and his Republican colleagues continue to attack about the size of the deficit. Fact: Republican leadership under George Bush took a record $237 billion surplus and turned it into a record $1.3 trillion deficit in eight short years. Remember when Dick Cheney said "deficits don't matter?" Yeah, neither do any Republicans. They didn't care about deficits while jamming through the behemoth $8 trillion unfunded mandate that was Medicare Part-D, or the largest transfer of wealth in the history of western civilization, the Bush Tax Cuts, also paid for with deficit spending. Or the two wars that were never on the budget.  So when the Republican's all had their 'come to Jesus' moment on January 20, 2009, didn't the timing strike anyone else as rather suspect?

The fact is President Obama's policies pulled the economy back from the GWB cliff. The Recovery Act is working -- last quarter alone, the Recovery Act created almost 4 million jobs. President Obama is leading, and the American people are ready to follow and support his efforts to help our small businesses. The Republicans just have to get the hell out of the way.  

Happy Labor Day weekend!

With lots going on everywhere this weekend. Let's take a minute to remember (and remind others) who built this country, gave us the weekend, vacation time, sick leave, benefits, safe workplaces, and elevated our workforce to the best in the world. It was the American workforce and organized labor.

Happy Labor Day, Wisconsin! Keep working!

Mr. Walker: Pull Down Your Ad!


Pick your outrage, but Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker's unseemly attack ad against Mayor Tom Barrett must be pulled. Immediately.

Stand with us and demand Scott Walker pull down his offensive 'Fighter' ad immediately.

We will send a message loud and clear and united to Scott Walker that Wisconsin --  liberals, conservatives and moderates -- want his horrible ad off the air.

Tell Scott Walker: Pull Down Your Ad!

Walker turned hardball politics into dirty ball. In his television ad, he implies he's ready to get physical with Mayor Barrett -- going so far as to don boxing gloves and knock them together likes he's ready to fight.

Why would Scott Walker mock the heroic effort made by Mayor Barrett to protect a grandmother and her granddaughter who were under attack? Why would Scott Walker diminish Mayor Barrett's real heroism -- heroism that left him the victim of a vicious and potential fatal beating with a crowbar when he intervened?

It's unbelievable. But he did. And now he has to stop.

Demand Scott Walker pull down his offensive ad and get your friends and family to do the same. We need the loudest, largest voice possible to convince Scott Walker he is wrong and his ad must stop.

Scott Walker's tactics would embarrass even Karl Rove. What's worse is that Walker defended the ad just last night.

In the reprehensible ad, Walker exhorts, "I'm ready to go the distance." Defending the ad to a reporter yesterday, Walker said of Mayor Barrett's assault, "It wasn't even about a punch."

What does that mean? That Mayor Barrett didn't throw enough punches defending the grandmother? And that Walker would "go the distance"?

Inevitably, history has the final say in the tales of heroes and cowards.

We know Mayor Barrett is a hero.

And we know what this despicable ad makes Scott Walker.

Walker needs to dump his boxing gloves into one of his brown paper bags and get back to the issues facing Wisconsin - like creating jobs and how we can balance our budget and protect our important priorities like education, health care and police and fire protection.

Join the One Wisconsin Now community and people from all across Wisconsin in telling Walker "take down that ad."