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Who is WMC?

Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce is the state's Chamber of Commerce group and Wisconsin's largest corporate lobbying organization.

Why does WMC support Prosser?

When corporate interests have needed an ally on the court, Prosser has been there, every single time. Justice Prosser has a 100 percent rating from the Wisconsin Civil Justice Council, a WMC-supported group with the sole goal of representing corporate interests in court and fighting against consumer protections, environmental rules and discrimination protection in the workplace.

Furthermore, Prosser has pledged to be a complement to Gov. Scott Walker and the Republican-led state Assembly and Senate. His campaign promised to "return Justice Prosser to the bench, protecting the conservative judicial majority and acting as a common sense compliment to both the new administration and legislature." It should be no surprise that the corporate interests at WMC have much to gain by supporting a justice who promises to continue the unprecedented attack on workers' rights and middle class families by Wisconsin's conservatives.

Prosser cast the deciding vote to adopt the recusal rules in 2009, written by WMC, that says campaign contributions and independent spending by groups like WMC do not require justices recusing themselves in cases involving those groups. The decision was roundly criticized across the ideological spectrum as an assault on an independent judiciary.

Why do we fight WMC?

Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce spent $5 million to elect scandal-plagued Annette Ziegler and ethically-challenged Mike Gableman to the Wisconsin Supreme Court. Those two justices then became rubber-stamp votes for corporate interests on the state highest court, ruling against workers' rights, consumer protections and common-sense environmental regulations.

The top prize for WMC, what made its "investment" in the two scandalous justices worth every penny: both Gableman and Ziegler supported language, written by WMC and other corporate special interests, that re-defined the recusal rules for judges and made it permissable for judges to decide on cases that would impact their big-money campaign donors. WMC could now spend millions electing corporate-friendly justices and are guaranteed those justices can rule on cases involving WMC and other corporate interests. How convenient.

Now, WMC is taking to airwaves on behalf of current Justice David Prosser, launching a smear attack against his opponent.

WMC has committed millions of dollars for attack ads in support of Prosser. Recently, the National Review said James Buchen, WMC Vice President indicated that "his organization is prepared to spend millions to lift Prosser's campaign" and that they would be "very close" to spending $3 million.

We cannot allow Wall Street special interests to take our rights away. We need to Stop WMC and Save our Supreme Court.

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